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Tim DeNike's appoach to resume writing has been proven over and over again to be effective no matter what level you're at or what industry you're in. Whether you're a recent college graduate, senior corporate management, or somewhere inbetween, it can work for you!

For everything you need to create your own resume, purchase Video Bundle #2 and our Document Bundle.

Looking for more one-on-one help? Hire Tim to personally write or rewrite your resume.

Resume Services that Fit Your Needs

Getting Started

Just because you're starting out doesn't mean you don't have experience. Tim knows what employers are looking for and how to turn your experience into a resume that will get you interviews.

With or Without Experience

Whether you currently have a job or are unemployed, Tim knows how to map your experience to the position you are seeking. That alone can make all the difference between getting an interview or not.

Resumes that Work

It's no longer enough to update your existing resume. To stand out, it is critical that your resume reflect both the depth and quality of your experience. A resume personally written by Tim will do all that and more.

Learn more about Tim's Career Coaching and Resume Services.

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In today's job market, no advantage can be overlooked. Having a trusted coach like Tim DeNike on your side, will assure you don't miss a thing.

As an HR Executive, Tim learned from the inside out how to navigate the journey of resume writing, networking and interviewing. These lessons and more are available in his 15 part video series - covering everything from where to start, what to include on your resume, how and when to network and even what to wear.

In his video series and document bundles, Tim shares lessons from 25 years as a senior executive at corporations such as Ralph Lauren, Macy's, The Gap, top ten IT and software companies, as well as Action Sport companies including NHS, Inc., Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Truck Company and Nor Cal Clothing Co.

As a highly-organized professional, Tim emphasizes thorough preparation for the job-seeker. Without over-complicating the journey, he breaks down the mysteries that so often can trip
up a job seeker. Should you want Tim's individual help, he is available one-on-one, via Skype, to personally create your resume and help guide you on your way.

We know you don't want to waste your time, and with both the video series and one-on-one coaching, Tim won't waste it either.

about tim's resume services

Keeping It Simple

We've designed our resume services to be cost effective and inclusive. Both options include resume writing and job search coaching by Tim, plus the ability to purchase additional 20 minute blocks of time if you simply need to talk. See the resume packages below to learn which option is best for you.

  • About Resume Writing and Coaching Services

    Do you need Tim's resume services?  Ask yourself the following questions:
    ·  Do you have a resume but aren’t getting interviews?
    ·  Do you feel your job is in jeopardy?
    ·  Have you been out of work longer than you ever expected?
    ·  Have you sent out resumes for jobs you know you'd be perfect for and have not received a response?
    ·  While interviewing, have you ever struggled explaining any part of your resume?
    ·  Do you struggle with the concept of networking or feel that you have few valuable contacts?
    ·  Do you ever find yourself apologizing for your age, level of experience, or education?
    ·  Do you worry that your unemployment or severance will run out before you find another job?

    If you answered "Yes" to even one question above, Tim's resume services can help you streamline your efforts. The right career coach could help you shave weeks, even months off your search.

    As your personal, independent advisor and coach, Tim will help you focus your energy and revitalize your efforts.  With clarity and good humor, he’ll break down the barriers that are getting in your way.  Bottom line, your resume should be getting you interviews, and after working with Tim, it will.

    We want to keep it simple, so we have set up our resume services as packages that are cost effective and inclusive: Both options include resume writing and job search coaching. All packages also give you the ability to purchase additional 20 minute blocks of time if you simply need to talk

    See the packages below to learn more about our resume writing and coaching options…

  • Resume Improvement Package

    This package is for you if:
    … you have an existing resume but need to improve it
    … you have an existing resume but are not getting interviews
    … you are confused about what to do next in your job search

    Package includes:
    ·  Three (3) 20 Minute blocks of time (Phone or Skype) = 60 Minutes Total.
    ·  Session 1 – Review and evaluation your existing resume with you.
    ·  Between sessions - Tim will personally re-write your resume.  
    ·  Session 2 – A section by section review of your new resume and any final revisions.
    ·  Session 3 – A strategy session with Tim to help plan the next steps in your job search.

    Package also includes:
    ·  Access to the entire video series   ·        
    ·  The complete document bundle
    ·  Prior to your first session, you must complete and submit the Resume Questionnaire Template.  
    ·  Additional 20 minutes blocks of time (Phone or Skype) available for $50.00 per session.

  • Resume Creation Package

    This package is for you if:
    … you have no existing resume
    … you want to throw your old resume away and start from scratch
    … you are confused about what to do next in your job search

    Package Includes:
    ·  Five (5) 20 Minute blocks of time (Phone or Skype) = 100 Minutes Total.
    ·  Session 1 – Review and evaluation of Resume Questionnaire Template with Tim.
    ·  Between sessions - Tim will personally write your resume.
    ·  Session 2 – A section by section review of your new resume and final edits.
    ·  Between sessions - Tim will personally edit your resume to reflect your comments and concerns.
    ·  Session 3 – Final resume review and strategy session to help plan the next steps in your job search.
    ·  Session 4 – Customized review of your job search goals and progress.
    ·  Session 5 – Review of job search goals and progress.

    Package also includes:
    ·  Access to the entire video series   ·        
    ·  The complete document bundle

    ·  Prior to your first session, you must complete and submit the Resume Questionnaire Template.  
    ·  Additional 20 minutes blocks of time (Phone or Skype) available for $50.00 per session.

Question :

Read what others are saying about Tim:

I was just getting back into the job market after many years of raising children. I had written my resume and began sending it out, however I wasn't getting a great response from employers. Then I decide to contact Tim.

Tim told me the content was good and I had many significant accomplishments but we needed to update the format. This is when I found Tim to be an amazing help. Through our discussions he made me realize I had accomplished so much more than I had highlighted in my resume.

Not only did my resume improve but so did my self confidence. Tim truly understands what employers are looking for and can help you create a resume that will catch their attention.

The true test came when I started receiving more responses from employers. Then shortly after that I got a job. I would highly recommend Tim!

- Janet | New York | New York

I have been a legal professional with over twenty years experience. I, along with 32,000 of my co-workers found myself out of work in early 2009. Once the shock wore off, I needed to refocus, regroup and most importantly move forward with finding a new position. That is where Tim came in.

Tim spent a lot of time (and I mean god bless him, a LOT of time) reviewing my resume, and most importantly speaking with me to get a better understanding of my experience, my career strengths and my goals for the short and long term. Anyone can write words on a resume but Tim was able to take the words and our discussions and literally transformed my resume into a working piece of excellence.

I appreciated his blunt questions and I also thanked him for asking me questions that caused me to think about what I have done and where I want to go. These discussions forced me to spend some time thinking about my career and how to become a better professional in my line of work and helped me to prepare and interview well.

I will recommend Tim to anyone who asks. Why? Because he is the consummate professional. My resume is the first introduction to who I am every time I submit it; and just like when you put your best foot forward in an interview, my resume represents who I am professionally. Tim has made sure that my resume is a reflection of my experience and growth potential.

I am employed now and absolutely due to the help that Tim provided me. In addition to my resume, his positive coaching style and allowing me to put some thought into my next move was a huge bonus in the overall job search.

Marie - California

- Marie | California | Santa Cruz

After I graduated college I contacted Tim to help me with my resume. Not only did he help me with my resume, but he gave me so much advice about the job hunt and how to make yourself stand out that within two months I had landed a very nice job and have now been there for about two years!

Tim's advice and guidance not only helped me land a job but has also helped me succeed at this company.

He was honest and very blunt when giving advice which made working with him very beneficial and efficient. I loved working with Tim and now the advice he gave me I will be able to use throughout my career!

- Kevin | New York | New York

Tim is a tornado, a force of nature . . .in the best way.

After I met Tim, and he heard the sad tale of my job search gone "bad," (way stale,) Tim requesting my resume and I thought, "Sure, whatever". . . I sent it.

I had already been through the "out-placement Therapy, with Resume Makeover" offered by the large company that had laid me off along with1,800 co-workers. In addition I had succumbed to an online resume writing service. The well meaning young man online suggested I eliminate most of my expansive, and I must say impressive, work history! in an effort to confine me to a single page and appear "less experienced," (i.e. "younger" ?) . What a mess.

I then heard about Tim.

Immediately after Tim received my sad little resume, he e-mailed me back with "we've gotta bring this resume into this millennium - starting NOW."

Following two brief, painless Skype sessions, Tim unveiled my brand new resume. It's bold. It's direct. It's engaging and absolutely truthful - just like Tim.

I can't say that I've found a job just yet, but Tim gave me a timely "kick-in-the-pants" to just get out there again with a strong resume, to help me get a little closer to the goal.

Thank you, Tim. You deliver - in the best way.

- Leslie | California | San Francisco

Recently I found myself needing to write a resume because of changes in my industry. I found this to completely overwhelming, and to think of writing a resume a real daunting task.

After viewing the free video chapters at, I decided to contacted Tim and began to learn how to write a resume that would show my experiences along with what a hiring manager is looking for.

Tim and I went back and forth, and to be honest, without his help I didn't think I could do this. Whenever I needed help Tim was always available, I can't say enough about how my experience turned from "Oh My God, how do I do this" to it's done, and I already have received responses from hiring Managers. Anyone who needs help with their resume should definitely contact Tim at

- John | New York | New York

I was stuck in a horrible, dead end job and was getting absolutely nowhere in my job search. I reached out to Tim, and after looking over my resume he immediately was able to identify several problems.

With his help, I was able to overhaul my resume to not only be much more dynamic and eye-catching, but something able to cut through all of those filters that bigger companies use.

I truly enjoyed working with Tim throughout the entire process, and he was always there to offer his advice and give me the confidence I was missing.

With his expertise, I was able to get back into the industry I wanted. I am now on a MUCH happier career path.

- Rachel | Texas | Dallas

I have known Tim for years and have heard time and time again about how he has helped numerous college graduates with their resumes. So when it was time for me to graduate and go on the job hunt, I too reached out to Tim for some help.

Not only did my resume come out amazing (according to my Universities Career Center Advisors) but it was an easy and simple process. Unlike many of my fellow students, I did not have to spend countless hours frustrated and confused about how to develop an articulate and professional resume.

When I first went to Tim with my list of previous job experiences, I was almost embarrassed that I had barely anything to work with. From that short list, Tim created a lengthy detailed resume which demonstrated my ability to be a responsible employee and a competitive applicant.

I am now two for two on the job search thanks to Tim!

- Meghan | California | San Diego